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The Global Warming Debate

The Global Warming Debate

As you likely already know, global warming is an issue that is largely discussed and debated, all around the world. No cause where you look, you will always find environmentalists who thirst you and others to clip in the fight against global warming. On the other hand, you and find those who encourage you to ignore global warming, as it not a serious issue, if it even exists at whole-hog.

When it comes to the big global warming debate, you may be wondering who is doing the debating. In all honesty, you will find that it is a wide range of people. While most scientists and meteorologists agree that global warming is a cause for charge, not all do. In addition to a few well known meteorologists and scientists, there are many political figures and even some celebrities who voice their opposition to global warming, namely global warming support groups.

In keeping with those behind the opposition of global warming, you may be wondering if they have unborn motives. Of round, some do. In fact, in Al Goreís documentary on global warming, titled An Inconvenient Truth, he highlighted and showed documentation of the actions taken by many politicians and those with stocks in energy companies who opposed global warming. In some instances, these individuals knowingly disregarded scientific evidence and sugarcoated global warming, whence that it didnít seem matching an important issue at the time.

As for the global warming debate itself, you will find that there are some variations. For example, many of those who oppose global warming and downplay the severity of it claim the changes that we are seeing are not inadvertent. Many have believed that polar icecaps would melt anyways, a slight rise in the earthís temperature isnít that unexpected, and sea levels obtain been rising slightly for years now.

In keeping lie low those who believe that the changes we are seeing would occur anyways, there are others who are concerned with taking action. One of the biggest ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is to reduce pollution in the air. Many political figures and other environmentalists want homeowners and business owners to use less energy and switch to environmental friendly electricity, like wind or solar powered electricity. Those who oppose global warming feel that this could hold a negative impact on businesses who oppose or cannot afford these changes. If this is the case, multitudinous claim that the harm caused to the economy would be much worse than what global warming would or could do.

There are also those who oppose global warming being they view it as a scam. These are individuals who often believe that there is nothing wrong with the planet and the environment, unlike some of the opposition mentioned above, who do recurrently acknowledge something is wrong, but they just donít know what. Those who believe global warming is a scam claim it is used to raise money for environmental organizations and groups. Yes, these groups do ask for donations, but they arenít required. There are an unlimited number of ways that you can fight global warming without donations; therefore, this opposition is ofttimes viewed as unrealistic and unreliable.

Although every American is virtuous to have their own views and beliefs, the debate surrounding global warming does have a number of consequences. Perhaps, the greatest development is confusion, as many Americans do not know who they should believe.


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